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Jury - General Information

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A Jury is a selected group of citizens which hears the testimonies in a legal dispute and determines what they believe is the truth. The United States law provides for three types of Juries: Petit, Grand and Coroner's. 
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Selection, Appearance and Service

Juror Selection Process and Service
Prospective jurors are initially selected or "summoned" from the Voter Registration files or the Department of Motor Vehicles files each year (July 1 - June 30) to a specific jury trial date and time.  You are requested to report on the date and time on your summons to the address indicated on your summons.  Please take into account the time it takes to park your car, walk to the Courthouse and be processed through security. 

Jury trials are typically in session from 9:00 a.m. to approximately 4:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The lunch break for jurors is usually from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m., and brief recesses are held throughout the day.

The Superior Court of Nevada County observes a  “one-day/one-trial” policy. Once a prospective juror has either served as a trial juror in one trial, or made one appearance and was not selected as a juror, he/she should not be called for jury service again for at least 12 months. If, after appearing for jury service, the judge or jury commissioner excuses a prospective juror for hardship reasons, he/she is subject to be called again at any time. If a prospective juror is selected to serve in a trial, he/she is required to serve until the conclusion of the trial. Average jury trials last two to five days. In some instances jury trials may last longer. The trial judge will advise you of the estimated trial duration.

On occasion, the litigants in a jury trial will settle out of court prior to the date of the jury trial, so it is important for you to follow the information on your summons on how to check your up-to-date Juror Status.  If your jury trial is cancelled, you do not need to appear as instructed. Your name will be added back to the prospective juror pool after 12 months.

We understand that sometimes prospective jurors are unable to fulfill their jury duty on the date and time for which they have been summoned.  Each juror is allowed to postpone their jury duty once in a given year.  This is not an excuse from service; simply a rescheduling of your service to a later date that works better for you.  To postpone your service simply follow the instructions on checking your Juror Status and follow the link to postponements.

Excuse From Service
An excuse from jury service based upon undue hardship, financial burden, work hardship, or religious reasons, can only be granted by the judge and must be placed on the Court’s record on the date of your appearance. You may request to be disqualified or excused from jury service for any one of the following reasons:

  • You are not a US citizen.
  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • You do not have sufficient knowledge of the English language to act as a trial juror.
  • You have been convicted of a felony or malfeasance in office and your civil rights have not been restored.

Active duty peace officers may also be excused from jury service. If you believe that any of these conditions apply to you, any request must be submitted in writing by checking the appropriate box on the summons and signing in the under penalty of perjury section. The summons must be returned within five business days.

Failure To Appear
If you have received a summons for jury duty and did not appear as instructed, you will be recorded as a Failure to Appear, regardless of reason.  Pursuant to California Code, any juror who fails to respond to a jury summons as directed may be found in contempt of court, punishable by fine, incarceration, or both. You will receive a new summons directing you to appear for Jury Service.   Your Failure to Appear record will be vacated upon your appearance on the newly scheduled date.

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Getting Here

Driving Directions - Truckee Courthouse
From I80 eastbound, take the "Central Truckee" off-ramp
Turn left onto Donner Pass Road
   - OR -
From I80 westbound, take the "Central Truckee" off-ramp
Turn right onto Donner Pass Road

Proceed about 1/2 mile on Donner Pass Rd, turn left at  Levon Ave.
The Courthouse is in the Joseph Government Center, 10075 Levon Avenue.

Parking at the Joseph Center is on a first-come first-served basis and there is usually ample parking. If the parking lot is full you may park along Levon Avenue under most circumstances. Do not park in the Hospital parking lot

Driving Directions - Nevada City Courthouse
From north/eastbound Highway 49/20, take the Broad Street exit in Nevada City.
Turn left back across the freeway.
Take immediate right on the frontage road across the overpass.  (Union St)
Go one block.  Turn left towards Commercial St and  veer right onto Main St.
Go one block to Church St. the Court is on the left at 201 Church Street
Proceed one more block to Washington and Main for the Courthouse parking lot.

From south/westbound Highway 49/20, take the Coyote Street exit in Nevada City.
Turn left on the frontage road (Union St)
Go two blocks.  Turn right on Washington St
The Courthouse is ahead and on the left one block, at 201 Church Street
The Courthouse parking lot is on your right at Washington and Main.

Parking spaces designated for jurors are located in the lower portion of the parking lot located on the corner of Main St. and Washington, just across the street from the back corner of the Courthouse. (Please refer to Parking Lot A in red on the map located on your summons). Additional parking for jurors is located in the St. Canice Church parking lot with its entrance off Coyote Street across from the Nevada City Post Office parking lot. (Please refer to Parking Lot B in red on the map located on your summons.) If you are having difficulty locating a parking space, you may want to try the lot behind the Nevada City Veterans Building, which is located on the corner of North Pine Street and Cottage (approximately one block behind the courthouse.


Parking for individuals with disabilities is available adjacent to both Courthouses.  The Nevada City lot is at the corner of Pine and Washington St's.  A wheelchair accessible ramp will lead you to the front of the Courthouse from here. If you require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you will need to speak to the Jury staff

Public Transportation
To find the route and schedules of the Nevada County Transit Bus Service, please call 1-888-660-7433 or visit their website at http://www.mynevadacounty.com/transit

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Additional Information

Unfortunately childcare is not available.

Prospective jurors should wear comfortable attire that is suitable for the courtroom (no shorts or tank tops). Temperatures may vary in jury assembly areas and courtrooms.

Students may request to be postponed to the next school break, but status, as a student is not a valid reason to be excused.

Starting with the second day of service, jurors will be paid at the rate of $15.00 per day. Jurors will be paid for transportation costs at the rate of 34 cents per mile, traveling to court, one-way only, starting with the second day of service.

Visit the California Courts Jury Information Resource Center at : www.courts.ca.gov/juryservice.htm

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Give us your Feedback

We understand that jury duty can be an inconvenience and a sacrifice for all.  We would appreciate you completing a brief Juror Questionnaire (click) so that we can improve our justice system for the benefit of you and other future jurors.