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Family Law - Juvenile Delinquency Court

> Delinquency Cases
> What should I do as a parent?
> What happens if your child is arrested?

The purposes of the delinquency court are to protect, to give guidance and to punish children who commit delinquent acts and to protect the community. If your child becomes a ward of the court as a juvenile delinquent, the court will make orders for you and your child so that your child and the community will be protected. As a ward of the delinquency court:

  • Your child may be allowed to live in your home under court supervision; or
  • Your child may be placed outside of your home in an unlocked or locked facility, depending upon your child's age, the seriousness of the offense, and your child's history of delinquency.

What should I do as a parent?
All your parental responsibilities continue when your child receives a citation. You may want to contact a lawyer for assistance.

If your child is placed in a group home or committed to a probation camp or the California Youth Authority, do your best to maintain contact with your child and support the positive activities he or she does there. Understand what is happening in your child's life so that you can prepare for his or her return. Explore ways of creating a protective and supportive environment for your child's return to school or work. Develop strategies to hold your child accountable for his or her behavior.

Contact your child's parole agent or probation officer to ask for referrals to community organizations that can assist you, such as parent groups or counseling. Your school district and local hospital or mental health department may also offer programs.


  • Your county's probation department will probably get in touch with you and ask your child to come in for a meeting with a probation officer. You will receive a Notice to Appear (a specific date and time you must show up at the probation department).

    In very serious cases, your child may receive a Notice to Appear directly in juvenile court.