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Probate FAQ's

Q: How do I get legal advice?
A: The Court's Probate Attorneys and personnel are prohibited by law from advising persons regarding their individual legal problems. You should obtain local counsel of your own choice to answer questions or assist with legal matters.

Q: How do I get an attorney?
A: The Court cannot recommend an attorney. You may call Nevada County Self Help Center (530) 470-2594, or directory assistance.

Q: How can I terminate a guardianship or conservatorship?
A: File a Petition to Terminate Guardianship or Conservatorship with the Court.

Q: How can I get money from a blocked account for a minor?
A: File a Petition for Withdrawal of Funds from Blocked Account. The petition must contain original case name, number and account information.

Q: Where can I check if a probate action has been filed?
A: With the decedent's full name and date of death you can call the Probate Division of the Superior Court (530) 265-1293. A genealogy search can not be conducted by phone.

Q: Does the Court provide a list of probated property?
A: The court does not provide such a list.

Q: Are you closed at lunchtime?
A: Offices for the Court are open during lunch with limited staff.

Q: My case was taken off-calendar, do I have to file a new petition?
A: If the matter is taken off-calendar, you can request that the petition be reset. Re-notice, including re-publication, will be necessary if applicable.

Q: My case was denied without prejudice, what do I have to do to put it back before the court?
A: You must file a new petition.