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>TP15-5996 Conservatorship of Dorothie Silva

TP15-5996 Conservatorship of Dorothie Silva 


The Petition to Appoint Conservator of the Person is continued on the courtís own motion to April 13, 2015, at 1:30 pm in Dept. A. The court investigator requested additional time to prepare the court investigation report. Also, on the courtís own motion, due to the request for dementia powers, the court hereby appoints attorney Patricia Johnson as counsel for the conservatee. The court clerk shall give notice to Ms. Johnson forthwith. Additionally, the court notes that the Proof of Service of the Citation is invalid. Paragraphs 2a, 2b, 3a(1), and 3a(2) must be completed. Additionally, the Proof of Service of the Petition and Notice of Hearing is not signed, dated, or completed. Also, the courtís file is missing signed Duties. Lastly, the medical capacity declaration in support of the petition notes that medical consent orders are appropriate. However, paragraph 1g of the petition was not checked. Thus, medical consent orders cannot be granted without the filing of an amended petition. Petitioner is directed to correct these defects prior to the April 13, 2015 hearing date. The order for temporary powers shall remain in full force and effect pending the continued hearing date. No appearances are required on March 23, 2015.