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Tentative Rulings, Truckee - Probate

>T10-4370P Conservatorship of Xenia Reoutt
>P13442 Conservatorship of Anthony Pagano

T10-4370P Conservatorship of Xenia Reoutt 

Review Hearing

Attorney for conservatee: Patricia Johnson

Tentative Ruling
Appearances are required for hearing by all interested parties for the Review Hearing. Appearance of the conservatee is not required.

P13442 Conservatorship of Anthony Pagano 

Tentative Ruling
The Review Hearing is continued on the courtís own motion to August 29, 2016, at 1:30 pm in Dept. A, to allow additional time for receipt of the court investigation review report. The court notes that the 8th Account has not yet been filed. No appearances are required.