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Tentative Rulings, Truckee - Law and Motion

>Egan v. Nationstar Case No. TCU14-5814

Egan v. Nationstar Case No. TCU14-5814 

Defendant Nationstarís Demurrer and Motion to Strike Portions of the Original Complaint are dropped as moot. A First Amended Complaint has been filed.

Defendant Quality Loanís Demurrer to the First Amended Complaint is continued on the courtís own motion to October 27, 2014, at 1:30 pm, in Dept. A, to be heard with Defendant Nationstarís Demurrer and Motion to Strike the First Amended Complaint.

Any argument is limited to five minutes. California Rule of Court 3.1308, Local Rule 4.05.3.

Unless the court orders otherwise, the court does not provide court reporters for civil law and motion hearings and case management conferences at the court's expense. Any litigant who wants a record of a law and motion matter or a case management conference must arrange for the presence of a court reporter at his or her expense. Local Rule 10.00.3B.